Media monitoring

Our customizable international media monitoring service is based on our proprietary application, PressMonitor media desktop. It is not only the heart of our market and media intelligence service, but also serves as an interactive front-end for our clients with the following functionalities:


  • search term based, real-time monitoring of over 1 million international and national online, print and broadcast media media and thousands of social networks, community portals including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter,
  • automatically updated newsarchive,
  • qualitative reports (news activity statistics, charts, diagrams etc.),
  • free-text search in over 1 million online and offline news sources,
  • integrated machine translation and quick human translationservice,
  • add-on features supporting daily PR and communications work: editing/delivering press releases, media list compilation, etc.


The interactive sofware based service is backed up by our manual offerings:


  • carefully selected daily media monitor on the most relevant media coverage (e-mail or .html, .doc, .xls, .pdf files),
  • historical press monitoring and compilation of a customised press documentation,
  • quantitative analysis (sentiment and content analysis, AVE etc.),
  • news summaries in your target language,
  • country reports and market researches.


News from over hundred countries in your local language


PressMonitor tracks more than 1 million news portals, dailies and periodicals and broadcast media from over hundred countries continuously. Our news sources include leading international newspapers (e.g. The New York Times, Der Spiegel, The Wall Street Journal, Le Monde, Les Echos and Washington Times) and the most important periodicals of the world (e.g. The Time, Focus or Businessweek). Understanding foreign language news is now simpler than ever. With your PressMonitor account you access a multilanguage machine translation system and can reach out for our in-house translators for precise extracts.


Media types


One of the most important criteria of a professional and up-to-date mediawatch is the delivered quality and format from the various media contents. PressMonitor aggregates the following 7 types of media contents:


I. International press


Over 400 print dailies and periodicals, such as The International New York Times, Washington Post, Le Monde, Businessweek etc. along with the following metainformation:

      • publication date,
      • source name,
      • a short description of the news source,
      • country and language information,
      • circulation and reach,
      • electronic format or newspaper clipping


II. International online media


More than 1 million international news portals along with the following metainformation:

      • publication date,
      • source name,
      • a short description of the medium,
      • country and language information,
      • reach,
      • in electronic format and a link to the source page


III. International radio and televison channels


Real time and search-term based monitoring of the 79 biggest European and international broadcasters, such as Sky News, Euronews, BBC, CNBC, Al Jazeera etc. along with the following metainformation:


      • broadcast date and time,
      • source name,
      • a short description of the medium,
      • multimedia clipping,
      • reach,
      • human or computer-aided speech-to-text transcripts.


IV. Hungarian print press


Over 80 national print dailies and periodicals from Hungary:


      • in electronic format and/or coloured newspaper clippings

           (.pdf, .jpg files),

      • publication date,
      • source name,
      • a short description of the editorial,
      • circulation data.


V. Hungarian online media


Thousands of local news portals along with:

      • the date of publication,
      • source name,
      • a short description of medium,
      • reach,
      • in electronic format and with a link to the source page,
      • highlighted keywords.



VI. Hungarian radio and television channels


17 Hungarian radio and TV channels covered with:


      • date and time of broadcasting,
      • source name,
      • a short description of the medium,
      • multimedia clippings,
      • reach,
      • manual transcripts,
      • highlighted keywords.


VI. Social media


Monitoring of tens of thousands of:

      • blogs, forums, chatrooms,
      • community portals including Facebook and Twitter,
      • video sharing portals including YouTube,
      • with source name,
      • with a short description of the web 2.0 medium,
      • in electronic format and with link to the source page,
      • full-text transcripts.


"See the invisible" 


Free online search engines have become an integral tool of information search. Google News Search, for example, spans over 4500 news sources. But comparing it to our PressMonitor having access to 1 million sources, the difference will undoubtedly show. Firstly, not all contents are visible for free search engines. Newsportals restricted by paywalls or restricted to registration or subscription will not be found by free search engines. Yet, with PressMonitor both invisible contents of the world wide net and those restricted to subscription will open up for you.


Your own news archive



Media monitoring is carried out by the pre-set keywords. Titles, leads and metainformation of your media coverage (source name, author, release date, circulation etc.) are automatically archived and can be back-searched anytime. Meta information of articles older than 6 months will be extracted in your Excel news archive file so that you can be sure you do not lose any information on the long-run.


Free-text search



Press Monitor free-text news search provides you with a user-friendly, intuitive interface to run keyword seaches of your choice 24/7.

        • + 1 million international and national online news portals
        • thousands of blogs, forums, community portals, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube contents,
        • hundreds of international printed daily papers and periodicals couple of hours after release
        • 79 European and American radio and television channels from BBC to CNN, Euronews, CNBC, SkyNews and
        • Al-Jazeera with speech-to-text transcripts and multimedia clipping to play