Message from the CEO

Today's market and media intelligence services have a double challenge to take. On one hand, there is an ever expanding global media content to track down. On the other hand, there is an exponentially growing social media community is out there and their conversation do matter because what they say has the power to shift control of your brand's or organisation's reputation from your hands to theirs.


The expanding global electronic and print media content - and the speed at which web 2.0 discussions develop - challenge traditional media monitoring models. Today’s communicators and PR professionals need real-time, web-based and powerful tools to keep their reputation under their thumbs and connect with the audience. That’s why we built PressMonitor, a trademark of TranzPress Ltd.


PressMonitor is a web-based application that monitors media mentions, social media conversations and measures communications success from over a million online, print, social and broadcast media sources world-wide. Our developers have been working with top PR and communication experts to create an application that supports their best practices. Public relations, investor relations and marketing professionals rely on PressMonitor  to help manage their brands, protect their corporate reputation or carefully select business-critical information from around the globe.


PressMonitor brings major traditional and social media content providers, news aggregators and business database providers together in a single platform allowing you to access and extract valuable information from an unprecedented wide range of content with speed and ease. All this is topped by our team of media experts, translators and project managers to deliver you a compact and tailor-made media monitoring, abstracting and analyses service. TranzPress is member of FIBEP (Federation Internationale Des Bureaux D'Extraits De Presse) and holds an ISO 9001:2015 and an ISO 17 100:2015 quality assurance certificate.

Choose us to take international mediawatch to the next level.


András Szalay-Berzeviczy


CEO - TranzPress Ltd.

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