Modern day man reads news with abundance. When it comes to foreign language articles, the pace of life does not allow for word-by-word translations. Demand is higher for concise news abstracts that focus only on the core message.

It happens, however, that client needs an accurate full-text translation of an interview or an editorial. In this case, PressMonitor allows for placing an order for professional translation in normal, urgent or immediate undertake. Last but not least, our integrated machine translator is also there to help you in reading foreign language news content.


Our work with press translations and news summaries are also enhanced a great deal by integrated language (NLP) technology applications such as:

    • spell-checker for impeccable grammar and spelling,
    • terminology manager for a coherent and professional terminology,
    • machine translator to ease understanding a wide range of languages, and
    • statistics-based tag cloud to visualize key messages in your media at a click of 

       a button.